How to be an animal reiki master?

Do you have a passion for animals?

Are you looking for a natural holistic an easy way to care for the health and well-being of the pets and animals in your life?

Perhaps you already care for animals in a professional capacity at an animal shelter kennel or farm,or as a trainer or handler of working animals who provide therapy support and security.

Maybe you’re already a Reiki practitioner or a Reiki Master looking to develop your knowledge skills and confidence working with animals.

Animal Reiki Master Teacher is ready for you

Develop Reiki intuition,sacred Reiki symbols,intuitively communicate with animals,the aura,chakras,meridians

With Animal Reiki Master Teacher,you’ll…..

•Understand the chakra energy systems and how imbalances can affect an animal

•Learn how and when to use hands-on Reiki for your pets and other animals

•Understand the practical considerations when working with animals

•Deepen your connection with the animals in your life


What’s more,by the end of this extensive course,you’ll learn how to channel Reiki energy to animals of all sizes and species oth domestic and wild including dogs,cats,birds,guinea pigs,rabbits,farm animals,pregnant animals.

cats,Reiki and Pets Crossing Over,Working with Rescue Animals and Animals in Shelters,Attunements,Communication

distant Reiki Master Attunement Ceremony,Chakra worksheets,help dying pets cross over

So,if you are interested in helping and communicating with animals on a deeper level and inspire to help our furry feathered and find friends in the animal kingdom with Reiki…..

Why not join the thousands of animal Reiki lovers who already discovered the benefits of animal Reiki to help support the pets and animals in their lives.

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